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Office: Biratnagar 5, Morang, Factory: Budhiganga 2 , Morang

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Alexa Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd., is a company registered with Registrar of Companies, Kathmandu, Nepal. Alexa, is a dynamic company that specializes in manufacturing pharmaceutical products. Years of experience with pharmaceutical products and innovative approach to business processes in the sector, allows us in developing a growing portfolio of best- in class pharmaceutical products and services in the health care area. Alexa Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. is setting up a manufacturing unit to produced Large Volume Parenteral (LVP), Small Volume Parenteral, Liquid Injection (SVP) & Ophthalmic formulation. The facility is based at Biratnagar, Nepal and the total built-up area for the proposed facility is 32000 Sq. Ft. Excluding finished goods store area. The facility will have different sections for the production area, stores, service area etc. The Facility will be designed to meet and comply with DDA and WHO cGMP. Alexa is founded by professionals with extensive global experience in manufacturing, outstanding and marketing of pharmaceutical products. The management team of our company is constantly monitoring innovations in the pharmaceuticals products to meet the continuous and ever-increasing demands on pharmaceutical products across the globe.

Alexa Lifesciences Objectives

The general objective of this project is to establish and operate a medium scale pharmaceutical manufacturing unit complying with the WHO-GMP, national regulatory requirements and other international regulatory requirement guidelines to manufacture pharmaceutical dosage form for human use to sell in domestic & international markets in future. This project aims to manufacture different Small and Large volume parenteral by using high standard of Raw materials and packaging materials utilizing the best available technology. The specific objectives of the project are


Assist the national goal of self-sufficiency in medicine by bridging the gap between the demand and supply to substitute import of pharmaceutical products.

Research & Development

Carryout research and development activities for the development of drug, specific dosage forms and pharmaceutical sectors.


Explore the possibility to come up with joint ventures with other international pharmaceutical companies to strengthen and exchange the technology.


Assist to extend the primary health care coverage in the country by giving emphasis in the manufacturing of demanded drugs.

Increase Employment Strength

Increase in the employment strength for exports, technologists, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled manpower.


Export the pharmaceutical products to other countries.